Photo Video Maker & Video Editor

Photo Video Maker With Music / Slideshow maker is a beautiful app. Now you can able to make your images to video by adding music.

By using this photo video maker you can select photos from gallery and you can able to add music by using this app for creating videos.

Features of this app:

1) Select Music Video Maker option from the menu.Now select the images from gallery and proceed to next.Now you can rearrange the selected images in any order. Now you can add music to video and can save the video.

2) This app also supports MP3 Video Converter functionality. By using this app you can also convert video files to MP3 Audio files. And it supports various formats such as MP4, 3GP etc

3) By using video editor option you can able to trim and cut video at selected portion and you can able to save it.

4) By using Video Merger option you can able to merge multiple videos.

5) By using Reverse Video you can reverse any video files.

6) By using Grab Frame you can able to extract images from a video at any point.

7) By using split video you can split a video into two parts